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Why Furniture Inspection Services are important

Furniture Inspection Services

Furniture Inspection Services Table of Contents Why are Furniture Quality Control Inspections Important. So why is mold appearing on sofas, beds, or other furniture? So, how can inspections prevent wood furniture from warping? Can an inspection stop paint from peeling off furniture? How can an inspection prevent beds from bending? What types of furniture inspections […]

Quality Control Inspection Company in India

Third-Party Inspection Services in India

  Third-Party Inspection Services in India – Table of Contents Third-Party Inspection Services & Verification Services in India So what is Quality Control Inspection Services in India? What is Cargo Inspection Services in India? So is Goodada one of the Top 10 inspection companies in India? So, what can a Third Party Inspection Agency inspect in […]

Asia Inspections

Asia Inspections – Over the past 25 years Asia has steadily been positioning itself to become the production powerhouse of the World.  In 2017 Asia had nine countries in a list of the World’s Top 25 Exporting Countries. Surprisingly in 2017 Asia also had nine countries listed in the World’s Top 25 Importing Countries. Since […]

Vietnam Furniture Products

Why You should Consider Switching Sourcing Indoor Furniture to Vietnam

  Vietnam has traditionally been a country that has produced outdoor Furniture; however it is rapidly moving to become a producer country of Indoor furniture.   This article is a review of the Furniture Industry in Vietnam and explains why you should consider Vietnam as a country to source Indoor Furniture Vietnam Furniture Industry Review […]

7 Reasons to Ask – Is Asia still Good Value?

By Aidan Conaty Date 14th April 2014     As founder and CEO of Goodada, I have the privilege of traveling to many countries in the world to meet with Goodada’s Clients and Partners. The main purpose of these meetings is to discuss how to promote that country, its products and services through Goodada’s international […]

Goodada Exhibiting at Furniture Fair in Guangzhou China March 2014

Delighted to announce that Goodada will be exhibiting at the 33rd CIFF Furniture Trade Fair in Guangzhou China. Goodada will be promoting the Quality Control Inspection services in the following Countries: China Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Turkey Poland Bulgaria Germany Goodada will also be promoting the Logistics services of its UK Freight Partner John Good […]

Types of Tests for Furniture Products

Tests for furniture – Clients who use Goodada’s inspection services for Furniture products often inquire as to what types of laboratory tests are available for furniture. While the vast majority of orders will not require specific tests as the buyer will have used Goodada’s Factory Audits to inspect and verify that the Manufacturer already hold the […]