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quality problems with a Supplier in Germany

Quality problems with a Supplier in Germany

Quality problems with a Supplier in Germany Table of Contents What are German Third-Party Inspection Services? So what Quality Control Inspection Services are available in Germany? How can I fix quality problems with a Supplier in Germany? So, how can I improve the quality of my German Sellers Goods? What types of products can a […]

Why Furniture Inspection Services are important

Furniture Inspection Services

Furniture Inspection Services Table of Contents Why are Furniture Quality Control Inspections Important. So why is mold appearing on sofas, beds, or other furniture? So, how can inspections prevent wood furniture from warping? Can an inspection stop paint from peeling off furniture? How can an inspection prevent beds from bending? What types of furniture inspections […]

UK Third Party Inspection Agency

UK Independent Inspection Services

UK Independent Inspection Services in the UK Table of Contents Independent Inspection Services in the UK So can I get my Products Inspected in the UK? What is the difference between Inbound UK and Outbound UK Product Inspections? Can I get an Inspection at any UK port or Warehouse in the UK? So, can an […]

7 Tips – Chinese New Year Holiday – How to Reduce Costs and Avoid Stock Outs

              It is January and you have just returned to work after holidays when suddenly you realize that that the Chinese New Year holidays are coming. This often comes to light when suddenly Freight Companies cannot book space on ships departing China or the Seller in China avoids accepting […]

Types of Tests for Furniture Products

Tests for furniture – Clients who use Goodada’s inspection services for Furniture products often inquire as to what types of laboratory tests are available for furniture. While the vast majority of orders will not require specific tests as the buyer will have used Goodada’s Factory Audits to inspect and verify that the Manufacturer already hold the […]

How to determine the correct quantity and acceptable fault levels when inspecting a product

How to determine the quantity to be inspected While we all would like to have every single unit of goods to be inspected, this is simply not practicable or affordable for most products and companies. The best approach, which is recommended by International Standards Agencies such as ANSI/ ASQ, is to use the AQL (Acceptable […]

Tests for Clothing and Textile Products

Tests for Clothing and Textile Products There are many tests that clothing and textile buyers can get conducted on the products that they are buying. Apart from visual inspections to confirm the dimensions, sizes and identify any visual issues; the following tests should be brought into your Clothing/ Textile Supply Chain quality control process’s […]

Why is REACH compliance required for Europe

What is REACH Compliance and Certification (1907/2006/EC) REACH is designed to address the impact caused by chemicals on the environment and human health in the European Union. The REACH regulation requires that if more than one tonne of chemicals is imported into the EU per year, that these substances must be registered with the ECA […]