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There are 1.6 lawyers per 10,000 Chinese people

In a report released by the All China Lawyer Association in August 27th 2013 it states that the legal profession in China is developing with a ratio of 1.6 lawyers for every 10,000 people. The report goes onto say that in 2012 there was 19,361 law firms with 232,384 lawyers in China with this figure […]

Diseased Pork sold in markets and restaurants in Shanghai for years.

This is a shocking story from the Shanghai Daily in April 2013. This story proves that as an international buyer you must always have the products inspected and tested before completing the purchase. The story is about pigs which had died from disease in neighboring provinces around Shanghai being sold into Shanghai Restaurants and Markets […]

Types of Tests for Furniture Products

Tests for furniture – Clients who use Goodada’s inspection services for Furniture products often inquire as to what types of laboratory tests are available for furniture. While the vast majority of orders will not require specific tests as the buyer will have used Goodada’s Factory Audits to inspect and verify that the Manufacturer already hold the […]

Reach Certification to be amended for Nano Materials

The European Commission is considering options to amend the REACH Annexes in relation to the registration of Nano materials. It has launched a public consultation which will run until has launched a public consultation which will run until Friday 13th September 2013. If you wish to complete a questionnaire to provide feedback please visit the link: […]

Why do I need a Factory Audit conducted on my Manufacturer?

Why do I need a Factory Audit? Knowing who you are buying reduces the risks of loss through product failure, production delays and even fraud! A Factory Audit is used to assess if your potential Seller is a real company who has the capabilities, experience and quality control methods to produce and deliver the goods […]

How to determine the correct quantity and acceptable fault levels when inspecting a product

How to determine the quantity to be inspected While we all would like to have every single unit of goods to be inspected, this is simply not practicable or affordable for most products and companies. The best approach, which is recommended by International Standards Agencies such as ANSI/ ASQ, is to use the AQL (Acceptable […]

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Updates

AEO Mutual Recognition progress Canada An agreement has been  by the  Council Decision on customs cooperation between the Canada and the EU regarding supply chain security.  Negotiations on mutual recognition are expected to soon begin. Russia Russia has begun early discussions on implementing a framework for Customs Co-operations. It is expected that these discussions will […]