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Shipping News Update on 2014 China New Year Shipping

Update 16th January 2014 Shipping from China is now suffering huge Space issues. It has become very scarce. MSC / Maersk / OOCL are all struggling to cope with demand in a very busy time The carriers have announced plans to cut their sailings in Week 6 and Week 7 from China. It is thought […]

6 Tips on how to reduce your costs in China

January 2014 by Aidan Conaty   People often ask me “Is there a good time to buy my products from China?” Actually the question that they should be asking me is “When is the bad time to purchase products from China?” The Chinese New Year holidays often plays havoc with a companies supply chain and […]

China Shipping January 2014 News

The Carriers are again looking to increase rates by introducing Peak Season or General Rate increases in the region of $250 – $500 / TEU As usual carriers are not committing to final figures but plan to introduce from between the 8th – 11th January to coincide with the Chinese New Year rush. A lot […]