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The most popular countries that Chiense manufacturers are mocing to.

China Factories Relocating to Other Countries

China Supply Chain – Chinese manufacturers are increasingly moving their supply chains out of China in response to geopolitical risks and rising costs. While they are not entirely relocating all their production out of the country, they are exploring alternatives in nearby Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Additionally, they are also […]

How to fix defective Goods

What to do if You have received a delivery of a Faulty Product

I have received a delivery of a faulty product – What do I do? It is not uncommon for firms to receive a delivery of a faulty product or products that do not meet their requirement. Usually, most factories or suppliers will work with you to address and resolve the issue that has arisen. Unfortunately, […]

Product Sorting Services in Netherlands

Netherlands Quality Control Sorting Services

Netherlands Quality Control Sorting Services is very often an emergency request from clients. These clients may have received complaints regarding the quality of goods sent to the Netherlands. Many need an urgent solution to try and keep their customer happy and resolve the complaint. So below are answers to some standard questions you may have. […]

Quality Control Inspections in Europe

European Quality Control Inspection Services

European Quality Control Inspection Services – Europe has started to rebuild and expand its manufacturing industry. Therefore, this has increased demand for European Quality Control Inspection Services and third-party inspectors from many firms. Additionally, People request European Quality Control Inspections for many reasons. It may be to check products and new suppliers or overcome communication […]

INspection Services in Africa

Quality Control Inspections in Africa

Quality Control Inspections in Africa. Africa is the most populated and diverse continent in the world. Africa can be broken down into five regions. Northern, Eastern, Central, Western, and Southern Africa. Each region is diverse in population, production, wealth and culture. Consequently, many companies worldwide will have an African country included in their business model. […]

Prevent your company being linked with Worker Exploitation

Worker Exploitation

Worker Exploitation – Why do firms need to ensure no worker exploitation in their supply chain? The Qatar 2022 World Cup is a clear example of how the world has become repulsed by the high worker exploitation levels. Over 6,5000 workers have lost their lives, and many more have suffered abuse from their employers. The […]

Quality Control in Vietnam

Vietnam Inspection Company

Vietnam inspection company Table of Contents What does a Vietnam inspection company do? So what is a 3rd party inspection service Vietnam? Looking for food inspectors in Vietnam? Quality Control of furniture made in Vietnam So, explain AQL for products Sourced in Vietnam How do I know if a factory is using child labor in […]

Fruit Surveying and Inspection Services

Fruit Inspection Services

Fruit Quality Inspection Fruit Quality Inspection – Fruit is one of the world’s most globalized and transported products. It’s incredible how an apple produced in South Africa ends up in a fruit bowl in a home located in the middle of Texas or on a shelf at a market stall in Berlin. It can have […]

Supply Chain Code of Conduct Policies for Companies

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct A Supplier Code of Conduct is essential in today’s world. In the court of public opinion, companies risk the loss of public trust and potentially irreversible damage to their reputations. Any acts or behaviours of a company’s supplier is seen by its customers as a breach of trust or fairness. In […]

How to fix communication with Sellers

Communicating with Suppliers

Communicating with Suppliers Tips for Communication with Suppliers- Many buyers occasionally face difficulties communicating with their suppliers. The challenge is determining the most appropriate channel to use, e.g., zoom, phone, or email. Many folks face other influences that can significantly affect how parties interpret and understand what is communicated: language, culture, and time zones. For […]