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The most popular countries that Chiense manufacturers are mocing to.

China Factories Relocating to Other Countries

China Supply Chain – Chinese manufacturers are increasingly moving their supply chains out of China in response to geopolitical risks and rising costs. While they are not entirely relocating all their production out of the country, they are exploring alternatives in nearby Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Additionally, they are also […]

Inbound Cargo Inspection

Receiving Inspection – Why have goods checked when they arrive

The Receiving Inspection – Why have goods checked when they arrive? Many folks request Inspections of their products while they are still in production (During Production Inspect). Finished and ready for Shipping (Pre-Shipment Inspection) or being Loaded onto a ship or in a shipping container (Container Loading Inspection). However, one area often missed is having […]

What is Quality Control

Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

So, What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control? Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Many folks over the years have contacted me seeking a Quality Assurance Inspector. They required assistance in developing and auditing their Quality Control processes within their firm and supply chain. However, there appears to be a misunderstanding […]

Fruit Surveying and Inspection Services

Fruit Inspection Services

Fruit Quality Inspection Fruit Quality Inspection – Fruit is one of the world’s most globalized and transported products. It’s incredible how an apple produced in South Africa ends up in a fruit bowl in a home located in the middle of Texas or on a shelf at a market stall in Berlin. It can have […]

Supply Chain Code of Conduct Policies for Companies

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct A Supplier Code of Conduct is essential in today’s world. In the court of public opinion, companies risk the loss of public trust and potentially irreversible damage to their reputations. Any acts or behaviours of a company’s supplier is seen by its customers as a breach of trust or fairness. In […]

FAT Inspection Services

FAT Inspections – Factory Acceptance Tests

FAT Inspection Services Table of Contents So what is FAT Inspection? What is a FAT Inspection checklist? So, what does a FAT Inspection Checklist cover? So, what are the benefits of a Factory Acceptance Test? Countries Goodada conducts Factory Acceptance Tests in? Over to you…   S0 what is a FAT Inspection? A FAT Inspection […]

Cargo Inspections across Europe

Cargo Inspections in the Netherlands

Cargo Inspection Services in the Netherlands Table of Contents Third-Party Inspection Services & Verification Services in the Netherlands So can I get a Cargo Inspection in the Netherlands? So what is the difference between Inbound Cargo Inspections and Outbound Cargo Inspections? Can I get my goods Inspected at Rotterdam Port? So can a Third Party […]

Tips and Advice for International Supply Chains

International Supply Chain – Advice & Tips

International Supply Chain – Advice and Tips International Supply Chain – Every firm, whether it trades services or products, has a supply chain. A supply chain is a set of processes and practices which continually evolve and adapt to meet customer demands and changes in the business environment. A company must undertake a detailed analysis […]

Business Tips for Turkey

Trade with Turkey

Trade with Turkey – Overview Trade with Turkey Guide – Turkey is the link between Europe and Asia. Interestingly, 97% of Turkey’s territory lies in Asia, and only 3% of its territory lies in Europe. In 2019, Turkey was the EU’s 5th largest trading partner, export market, and imports provider. The EU is by far […]

Busines Tips for Trade with China 2021

Business Tips for China 2021 New Year Holidays

Business Tips for 2021 China New Year holidays Business Tips for 2021 China New Year holidays – Thankfully, the year of the Rat will be ending in February 2021 and then it will become the year of the Ox. 2020 has been a significant challenge for many firms who are sourcing from or exporting to […]