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7 Reasons to Ask – Is Asia still Good Value?

By Aidan Conaty Date 14th April 2014     As founder and CEO of Goodada, I have the privilege of traveling to many countries in the world to meet with Goodada’s Clients and Partners. The main purpose of these meetings is to discuss how to promote that country, its products and services through Goodada’s international […]

Types of Tests for Furniture Products

Tests for furniture – Clients who use Goodada’s inspection services for Furniture products often inquire as to what types of laboratory tests are available for furniture. While the vast majority of orders will not require specific tests as the buyer will have used Goodada’s Factory Audits to inspect and verify that the Manufacturer already hold the […]

Why do I need a Factory Audit conducted on my Manufacturer?

Why do I need a Factory Audit? Knowing who you are buying reduces the risks of loss through product failure, production delays and even fraud! A Factory Audit is used to assess if your potential Seller is a real company who has the capabilities, experience and quality control methods to produce and deliver the goods […]

New Certification for imports of Timber and Wooden Products (including Furniture) into the EU

EU Timber Regulation (995/2010) Summary In March 2013 the EU Timber Regulation (995/2010) came into force. This rule forces any person, operator or company who imports products made of timber (including furniture, plywood, particle board and veneer) to confirm that the timber used has not come from illegal sources. This regulation is designed to stop […]