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Doing business in Thailand? Exporting To Thailand Tips

Exporting to Thailand – Overview Exporting to Thailand – Thailand is the second largest economy in the ASEAN trade block. Thailand is an export-dependent economy; it exported a total of $236 billion in 2017. It’s top ten export items were machinery including computers (17%), electrical equipment (14.4%), vehicles (12.1%), rubber (6.9%), gems (5.4%), plastics (5.4%), […]

How to Delay Payment of United Kingdom VAT

People often complain that when they import into the UK from outside Europe they are hit with a big import tax bill. This dramatically affects the cashflow of their business. But when I press them, they do not know that the UK government has a scheme in place called the Duty Deferment Scheme (DDS) which […]

7 Reasons to Ask – Is Asia still Good Value?

By Aidan Conaty Date 14th April 2014     As founder and CEO of Goodada, I have the privilege of traveling to many countries in the world to meet with Goodada’s Clients and Partners. The main purpose of these meetings is to discuss how to promote that country, its products and services through Goodada’s international […]

South East Asia Country by County Updates Facts and Figures

South East Asia Country Review With Thailand having recently introduced a minimum wage and Goodada soon to offer inspection services from these countries. I thought that it was time to take a look into the average wages for each of the countries in South East Asia and also give a little update on the situation […]

7 Tips How to Properly Source Products Internationally

Top 7 tips: On how to properly source goods Internationally September 2013 By Aidan Conaty In today’s world you are putting your business at risk if you are not sourcing internationally. As barriers to international trade are being removed it has now become easier than ever to source product using websites such as Alibaba, Tradekey or […]