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Sofa Factory in Bulgaria

Why Source from Bulgaria for Upholstered and Flatpack Furniture

  Bulgaria Furniture – With consumers now preferring low to mid-priced items from planted forests as opposed to high end products made from rare woods, there has become a massive demand for finding new producer countries for these products coupled with efficient supply chain solutions. So have you thought of Bulgaria? This article is a […]

Vietnam Furniture Products

Why You should Consider Switching Sourcing Indoor Furniture to Vietnam

  Vietnam has traditionally been a country that has produced outdoor Furniture; however it is rapidly moving to become a producer country of Indoor furniture.   This article is a review of the Furniture Industry in Vietnam and explains why you should consider Vietnam as a country to source Indoor Furniture Vietnam Furniture Industry Review […]

Goodada Exhibiting at Furniture Fair in Guangzhou China March 2014

Delighted to announce that Goodada will be exhibiting at the 33rd CIFF Furniture Trade Fair in Guangzhou China. Goodada will be promoting the Quality Control Inspection services in the following Countries: China Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Turkey Poland Bulgaria Germany Goodada will also be promoting the Logistics services of its UK Freight Partner John Good […]

South East Asia Country by County Updates Facts and Figures

South East Asia Country Review With Thailand having recently introduced a minimum wage and Goodada soon to offer inspection services from these countries. I thought that it was time to take a look into the average wages for each of the countries in South East Asia and also give a little update on the situation […]