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Why Source from Bulgaria for Upholstered and Flatpack Furniture

Sofa Factory in Bulgaria


Bulgaria Furniture – With consumers now preferring low to mid-priced items from planted forests as opposed to high end products made from rare woods, there has become a massive demand for finding new producer countries for these products coupled with efficient supply chain solutions.

So have you thought of Bulgaria?

This article is a review of the Furniture Industry in Bulgaria and explains why you should consider Bulgaria as a country to source Upholstered and Flatpack Furniture

Bulgaria Country Overview

  • Bulgaria has a population of 7.4 million people
  • It has an area of 110,994 km² which is half the size of the United Kingdom.
  • 30% of Bulgaria is forested
  • Bulgaria is a member of the EU and Nato
  • It has the lowest cost of labour within the European Union.

Bulgaria Furniture Industry Review

Bulgaria has a long history in the production of timber and furniture products. Bulgaria has significant resources of sustainable timber and wood. It has the capability of producing approximately 13,000,000m³ of timber but is currently producing only 50% of this level. It produces its own particle board and Melamine coated particle boards.

The woods which are grown in Bulgaria include Pine, Beech and Oak.

Bulgaria produces both laminated and solid wood furniture products.

Bulgarian furniture factories produce beds, mattresses, wardrobes, tables, chairs, upholstered sofas and TV stands. Apart from bedroom and living furniture, Bulgaria also makes furniture for offices, hotels and schools.

For fabric and upholstery materials, Bulgaria imports mainly from its neighbors in Turkey and Romania along with China and Poland.

Bulgarian furniture manufacturers mainly focus production for their domestic market, which is on average between 87%-93% of their overall sales.

Bulgarian exports are growing on average of 7% per annum. Its major foreign markets include Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Germany and the Middle East.

Why should you consider Bulgaria

Bulgarian furniture factories offer clients flexibility with their ability to produce smaller volumes of client specified products instead of China’s mass production of furniture.

Wood and timber from Asian countries such as rubber wood are becoming more expensive when compared to European wood and timber.

The factories in Bulgaria are rapidly modernizing. This is development is being funded by the European Union.

Benefits from Sourcing from Bulgaria:

  • Low Costs for Products
  • Competitive labor costs – Bulgaria has the lowest wage costs in the Europe Union
  • Bulgarian Factories can produce smaller volumes for clients.
  • Quick Production times
  • Quick Delivery times
  • Better Cash flow for European clients as VAT is deferred until the product is sold.
  • Qualified and trained European workforce.
  • Proven history in production and export of furniture
  • Good quality and quantity of locally sourced timber
  • Relatively low cost for raw material output
  • High standard of design, quality, functionality and service
  • Use of modern machinery and materials by Bulgarian Furniture Factories

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