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International Customs Import and Export Duty Calculator


International Customs Import and Export Calculator – Are you looking to calculate the amount of taxes and duties which Customs may impose on the products which you are moving?

Complete the online form and after it is submitted one of Goodada's Customs Broker team will review the form and make contact with you with the information.

Goodada provides trade support services to businesses, and its import duty calculator is only suitable for businesses. Quite often this is a no-cost service; however, our brokers would like the opportunity to quote you for the freight, customs clearance or freight insurance element of your inquiry.

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Import Duties refer to the tariffs, duties, and taxes demanded by the customs of the country which you are sending the products to.

Exporting Duties refer to the tariffs, duties, and taxes demanded by the customs of the country from which you are taking the products.

HS Codes are also known as the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, or merely the Harmonized System, is a standardized international system used to classify globally traded products. HS codes are used in customs declaration forms to declare to customs what the products are. This enables customs to research and charge to the appropriate tariff as well as inspect the products to confirm that the physical products are the same when compared the declaration which has been submitted to them.


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