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Asia Inspections

Asia Inspections – Over the past 25 years Asia has steadily been positioning itself to become the production powerhouse of the World.  In 2017 Asia had nine countries in a list of the World’s Top 25 Exporting Countries. Surprisingly in 2017 Asia also had nine countries listed in the World’s Top 25 Importing Countries.

Since 2004, Goodada’s Asia Product Checks & Asia Inspections has been providing buyers from around the world with product checking and inspection services across 20 Asian countries.  Goodada’s Asia Inspection Services have evolved from conducting product checks on goods in Asian Factories to conducting assessments on potential customers for companies who are selling into Asia.

In today’s world of instant communications, the biggest challenge Importers who source products from Asia face is that of proper communication. The unique challenge is not only being able to express order requirements but also to ensure that the Asia Supplier fully understands it.

Goodada’s Factory Audits assists importers to assess the risks and the ability of a any new potential Asian Supplier to provide products which meet market requirements. It also helps in setting up a proper communication channel between the Asia Supplier and the importer. Increasingly these Audits are being used by companies, who are selling into Asia, as a way of assessing a new potential customer in terms of risk and opportunity.

The biggest challenge when sourcing is trying to ensure that products which have been purchased match the products which have been ordered! It is always considered best practice to get the products inspected at the Suppliers factory or warehouse before it is loaded into a container and shipped out.

If you are new to sourcing products from Asia and would like some information please read Goodada’s Tips on how to buy internationally page. It gives a template on how to properly source from international suppliers.

About the Author 

Aidan Conaty is the founder of TCI China and Aidan has spent over 15 years assisting companies to trade internationally. He founded Goodada which assists companies to trade internationally.

He can be contacted email at  or be contacted at:

  • (Europe/ Rest of the World) +353 1 885 3919;
  • (UK) +44.020.3287.2990
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