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How China’s New 2016 Five year Plan may Affect Your Business

(This is the second part of my article on China’s Economic Woes)                   China’s current five year plan will end in 2015 and its new five year plan will commence in 2016. The current plan has been primarily focused on the following areas: Containing the massive debt […]

Shipping Terms & Payment Terms

Shipping Terms Information – Many traders often get confused on the payment and shipping terms uses So I have assembled a breakdown below for all users. Please note the following There are 11 terms Internationally Recognized Trading Terms Defined by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Used for Purchase & Shipping of Goods So when you are […]

How China’s Economic Challenges may Affect International Trade

  China Economic Challenges – In writing this article, I have decided to break it into two separate posts. This first post is an overview of what has been happening to the Chinese economy since 2008 and what is likely to happen. The second post will look at the likely implications for businesses over the […]

Answers on TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

                What is TTIP all about? TTIP is focused on cutting tariffs and regulatory barriers which currently prevent companies from each side of the Atlantic from trading in the others market. This will be accomplished in 4 areas: 1.1Eliminating almost all tariffs (taxes applied only to imported goods) […]

Damaged Containers

Update – Movement of Hazardous Materials in Chinese Ports

Updated 31st August 2015 As a result of the recent explosion in Tianjin Port, the Chinese Government has placed restrictions on the movement of products from certain ports.   Labeling Effective from Aug 15th, Chinese  customs requests all import and export cargo must be labeled both in Chinese and English otherwise will be in customs […]

6 Tips on How to Successfully Exhibit at a Trade Show

  Trade Show Tips – At some stage all companies will want to exhibit at a trade show. This blog from Goodada will help save you time and effort and help make you money! Below are 6 Tips that you should consider when preparing to exhibit at a Trade Show: Tip 1 – Do as much […]

USA West Coast Ports Update

International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) members followed management’s lead and signed on to a new labour contract for the US west coast ports last Friday, effectively rubber-stamping the end of the dispute that congested US West Coast ports for months. Although the tentative deal was agreed in February and work resumed as normal in […]

Sofa Factory in Bulgaria

Why Source from Bulgaria for Upholstered and Flatpack Furniture

  Bulgaria Furniture – With consumers now preferring low to mid-priced items from planted forests as opposed to high end products made from rare woods, there has become a massive demand for finding new producer countries for these products coupled with efficient supply chain solutions. So have you thought of Bulgaria? This article is a […]

How to Delay Payment of United Kingdom VAT

People often complain that when they import into the UK from outside Europe they are hit with a big import tax bill. This dramatically affects the cashflow of their business. But when I press them, they do not know that the UK government has a scheme in place called the Duty Deferment Scheme (DDS) which […]

How TTIP will benefit businss

How Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will benefit business

  Progress on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is still on going. But I have decided to use Ireland as a case example to show where the likely impacts and benefits to small business will be. The government of Ireland recently commissioned a report to investigate the impact to Ireland of the proposed […]