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Quality Control Inspection in USA

USA Quality Inspectors

Quality Control Inspection in the USA

Quality Control Inspection in the USA – The USA has become a significant market for many companies to ship their goods. So, for many, the USA is essential in their global supply chain, whether buying from or shipping. Thus with high costs of production, transport, customs processing, and exchange rates, many firms are looking at ways to keep their costs down, especially a thing called hidden costs.

The Cost of Quality

One of those hidden costs is Quality Failure Costs. Therefore, many firms allocate 15-20% of their sales revenue to dealing with and correcting product failures. For example, in some industries, an additional budget of up to 40% of the product cost is created to deal with quality-related costs. Consequently, it is widely accepted that the general average cost of poor quality in a growing business is 10-15% of the cost of operations. Hence, bringing in quality control inspections and third-party inspectors as part of a quality improvement program can dramatically reduce these costs and improve a firm’s profit margin.



Many firms from Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Asia are trading many products with the USA, including Timber, Furniture, Building Materials, Chemicals, Textiles, Fruit, Food, and many other types of products.

Many different-sized firms in the USA import products from international Suppliers. Some firms trade with NAFTA countries, while others venture to source from Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Many US-based firms or international companies often seek quality control inspectors to conduct supplier audits or product quality checks of goods in the USA. Hence, this is one of the reasons why you are reading this post. So, if you need quality control inspectors in the USA or have general questions about the types of quality inspections that can be done in the USA, please get in touch with me. You can find my details at the bottom of this article.


What type of products do I need to get Quality Control checked in the USA?

Clients request inspections on many types of products. The main products that Goodada performs checks in the USA are Softline, Hard Goods, Mechanical, and Fruit. For more details on the types of products that can be inspected, please visit Goodada’s Types of Inspections page.

If you have sent products to the USA and are receiving customer complaints. And you require an inspector to visit them and produce a report on the issues discovered. Goodada can send an inspector to do this work for you.

Some clients request inspectors to be sent to visit and verify a potential supplier or customer. This is a service that third-party inspectors also can perform.


What types of USA Quality Inspections are available?

Seven main types of USA Quality Control inspections are available to individuals and companies. But it is important to note that role of a third-party inspector is to check and verify. Quality Control Inspectors and Auditors in the USA visit storage facilities or factories to review products or view suppliers and their manufacturing/ quality control systems.

QC Inspectors are hired to conduct a non-biased and independent check on goods, a trading partner, or a manufacturing process.

The main types of Goods Inspections conducted in the USA are:

  • Inbound Goods Inspections. This is the inspection of goods sent to a location in the USA. This inspection is used by clients to confirm that goods arriving at a site are in good order and are in the correct quantity. On other occasions, some clients may have received complaints about a delivered order and urgently need to send an inspector to verify the complaint and confirm an issue with the products. Please visit the Inbound Cargo Inspections page for more information about this service.
  • Goods Loading Inspections. These are checks of goods being loaded onto a truck or shipping container. Therefore this inspection can occur at any warehouse, port, or distribution center in the USA. Here the inspector can also verify the quantities of goods and conduct labeling and packing checks. To find out more, check out our Loading Inspections.
  • Product Quality Inspections – A range of product quality control inspections are available in the USA. Please visit this list of Types of Inspections page to learn more about the range of inspections.

The main types of Audits conducted in the USA by Quality Control Inspection firms are:

  • Supplier Audit. An auditor visits a supplier’s store, factory, or processing plant. They review its processes, certificates, and trading history. To find out more, please visit our Supplier Audit.
  • A Code of Conduct Audit.  An Inspector monitors and verifies a Suppliers adherence to the client’s ethical code of conduct. To learn more, visit our Code of Conduct.
  • Social Audit. Clients want to ensure that they are sourcing from Suppliers who treat the workers fairly and legally. This audit involves visiting the factories to interview the employees. To learn more, please visit our Social Audit.
  • Buyer Audit. Many firms find potential buyers in many parts of the world. Still, they want a visit and background check conducted before spending any resources to engage with them. We can send an inspector to visit any potential buyer. To learn more, please visit our Buyer Audit.


Where can I find Inspection Quality Agencies in the USA?

The prominent place is the internet. Google the name “Quality Control Inspector in the USA,” and you should discover a range of specialist companies offering this service. Alternatively, Goodada Inspections has been providing Quality Control Inspectors in the USA since 2012. However, when searching for an Inspection Quality Agency in the USA, you should look out for the following:

  • Are you dealing with an individual Inspector or an International Inspection firm?
  • If you are dealing with an International Inspection firm, what countries do they provide Inspections in?
  • Do you have an inspection support coordinator assigned to manage your account?
  • Can you book your inspection orders online?
  • Can you access historical copies of your previous inspection reports online?
  • In what way do you make payments?

Furthermore, Goodada has quality control inspectors in Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


How often should we send a Quality Control Inspector to inspect a Supplier or Product?

Having any potential seller verified by a professional third-party inspector is essential before you book any purchases with them. Suppose you purchase goods from a Seller or Factory in the USA. Therefore, at the very least, you should have a Pre-Shipment Quality Check conducted on the goods before they depart from the Seller.

So, to work out the number of inspection days required to undertake a quality control inspection in the USA, quality inspectors use an AQL table to calculate the sample size of goods to inspect.


What can a USA quality control inspector do?

People hire a USA quality control inspector to visit a particular location in the USA to conduct a quality review/ assessment on goods, a production process, or a supplier. Consequently, people hire third-party inspectors because they bring a non-biased independent judgment to the process. Therefore, a third-party quality control inspection company offers clients a broad scope of different inspection services and audits. Furthermore, please visit our quality control services to get additional information about the types of inspections available.

The most popular types of inspections requested by clients in the USA are Inbound Cargo Inspections, Container Loading Inspections, and Supplier Audits.

A professionally written report must contain the items checked, the tests conducted, and the defects discovered. Additionally, for those who have requested an Audit, this type of report should include a detailed review of trading history, certifications held plus other items which are audit specific. A file containing all the images taken should accompany the report.

Finally, USA Quality Control Inspectors can typically inspect many different types of products. Therefore, many are specialists in conducting an independent inspection, not necessarily on a specific product. This skillset set enables them to check many different types of products.


So, why do I need a Quality Control Inspector in the USA?

Many folks and companies request a Quality Control Inspector in the USA for the following reasons:

  • Help to prevent them from purchasing defective goods from Sellers in the USA.
  • Undertake independent authentication on suppliers or potential new buyers in the USA.
  • Finally, to check products that have landed at a US distribution center or client’s warehouse in the USA.


So, USA Quality Inspection Services

So, suppose you need a USA Inspection. Goodada Inspections can organize one of our teams to go to any location for you. We are always available to help.

Therefore, for more information, contact:

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