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Promoting Your Products Internationally

Promoting Your Products Internationally

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Making International Payments?

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Yarn Manufacturers

Goodada puts you in direct contact with Yarn suppliers and manufacturers from around the world. We identify and compile a database of the top rated Fiber suppliers for you and put you in direct contact with the supplier that best suits your needs. Goodada provide an in-house quality inspections team in every country listed in our Textiles & Leather supplier database, enabling you have a team audit and inspect the quality processes of any seller before engaging in a contract. Listing of Yarn suppliers:

Top Rated Yarn Suppliers

Zodiac Embroidery, began trading today on the journey with mechanical machines in 1989; all computerized embroiderymachines and look forward to the next chapter continues the development of the pattern. ► Sign embroidery, textile industry's integrity and quality control company and its employ...

In 1995, production started production in the Last System Barudan - Tajima and CSKA (Lila) uses brand embroidery machines. 4 head machine used to meet your specimen samples need. Making embroidery designs and correction process is carried out by our own team specializing in computer .. Embroidery 10...

* Unconditional Satisfaction * Quality Service * Fast Termin * Reasonable Price * Smooth Delivery An entire team working for them....

Since its establishment in 1986, Kord İplik improves product quality and product range in order to answer changing customer needs and expectations. As the sector leader in Turkey for Technical cords, Kord İplik is spread out in 7,500 m2 indoor area including head-office, production area and wa...

ÖZEN İPLİK started to trade in 1972 by buying and selling yarns in a 12 square-meter shop in Mercan. Thanks to their education and commercial foresight, its founders, Chemical Engineer Hasan Hüseyin KALKAN and Chemical Engineer Mehmet Ali KALKAN, started the first manufacturing process in a humb...

As Turkeys leader in production Technologies is ARAS producing dyed regenerated Open-End yarn and supports herewith the protection of a clean and healthy World. 80% of ARAS production is getting exported into more than 30 countries around the globe. The pending 20% got distributed in the local marke...

In the textile sector since 1966, with our knowledge and experience; our customers are always striving to provide better quality of service.For years, the textile piyaca heart of Istanbul which is the business of our lives, starting with Sultanhamam Apparel, Fabric and Yarn, respectively, based on o...

Our firm, beginning its production in 1998, producs Aclass 100% cotton Open-End slab, tricot and textile yarns ranging from NE5/1 to NE40/1. Our capacity is 14.400 tones per year. All of quality control and textile equipments are well-known equipments all around the wold and they are the newest a...

Ayaz Fancy Handknitting Yarns has begun operating in 1950 in Bursa / Turkey, as a textile and yarn producer by the previous generation of the Family. Daily production capacity is more than 3.000 kg for handknitting, embroidery, knitting and weaving yarns. The raw metarials which using are polyester,...

Established in 1995, Deer King Yarn is one of the lading yarn producers in China that has its own slivering house, spinning house, dyeing house, packing house, and R&D division. With 5000 spindles in-house, Deer King makes more than 2000 tons quality yarns every year. It is located in north part of ...

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Goodada offers Quality Control Inspections in across Europe, Asia, South America and North Africa.

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We carry out inspection in Egypt-Turkey-China-Vietnam-Thailand-Indonesia-Cambodia-Malaysia-Korea-Sudan-Brazil-Bulgaria-Germany-Netherlands-Mexico-UK-Colombia-France-Portugal-Spain and many more...

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