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Marketing your Products and Company across the World



Exporters face the following challenges to Grow Sales

  • The high cost to find new international importer customers.

  • The need to exhibit at International trade fairs.

  • The difficulty to market products on the Internet.

  • The expense of hiring sales staff to travel the world.


The benefits for Exporters to use our Marketing Solutions

  • Have your products marketed across Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, Canada & the USA.

  • Have your Products hosted across many of our International Network websites.

  • Have your products promoted directly to over 50,000 International Importers.

  • NEW SERVICE!!!.....we can help you find buyers of your products using our specilized search tool, we can connect you with new customers.

  • NEW SERVICE!!!!.....Increase your sales oppurtunities into China using our Multi-channel China Support Services.


How it works


Step 1 - Visit our website, register as a Seller** and then upload your products and company profile.

Step 2 - Then will introduce your products across our International Network websites.

Step 3 - Local Network members will introduce your products to Importers in their area.

Step 4 - Importers will then be able to contact you through the Local Members website.


** To register as a seller, click on the green "Register Now" tab at the top right hand corner of this page. Let us help you grow sales and find new customers!!



Helping you connect with new customers


Upload your products onto our Trading Platform today and start connecting with Importers from across the world!!!


Questions & Answers for Sellers

1.      Will my products only appear on the our website?

Your products will appear on many websites across the world. These websites are part of the Global Trading Network.

2.      Is it only the website that will promote my products to foreign importers?

Our Trading network has a lot of sales people who meet with importers on a daily basis. These sales people are able to introduce your products to these importers via the website.

3.      Do we make commission from the products that I sell?

The only way that we make money is through selling our other Supply Chain services.

4.      If there are many sellers of products on the platform, how can people find my products?

Your products, for a period of time, will be listed on the top page.

5.      Do we allow any selling company onto its platform?

We only permit verified companies to list their products on its platform and its across its network.

6.      Why do we not display prices for products?

We will never display a price for products. This allows a fair system where buyers contact sellers based on the quality of product information provided rather than the cheapest price displayed.

7.      How many customers will see my products?

Your products will be promoted to excess of 50,000 customers across the world.

8.      What countries are these customers located in?

The customers are located across the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, UK and Asia.

9.  How much does it cost?

Please contact us to find out more.


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